Thumbswitch is Hard to push (post is working properly, switch is just hard to push) Turbo

  1. Check to see if your switch arm (item #82) is returning properly. It is possible that your cable housing has pulled out of the switch body or the unit on the post. Check to see if cable housing is in correctly.
  2. You might have too tight of a bend or angle with your cable housing causing the cable to be hard to pull.
  3. If you just changed your cable and housing, you may have tightened the cable too much. Remove the switch lid and let a little more cable out. see “installing new cable “in the maintenance section
  4. If it has been 6 months to a year since you changed your cable, your cable may have become sticky from mud and dust or could have been kinked causing the cable to be sticky or hard to pull. Install a new cable and housing. see” installing new cable” in the maintenance section.

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