Thumbswitch doesn’t return all the way (Turbo)

  1. Check to see if your cable has pulled out of the set screws (item #29) in the switch arm. Remove the switch lid on the handlebar and look at the switch arm. The arm should rest against the switch body. If you have extra cable, loosen the set screws and use a pair of plyers to remove the excess slack. Be careful not to pull too much as this would cause the post not be able to fully lock into a position.
  2. If you dont have excess slack, check to see if you have too tight of a bend or angle in your cable housing. Staighten as much as possible.
  3. It also could be that your cable is sticky from mud or dust causing the switch not to full return. If the above suggestions didn’t fix your problem, we recommend purchasing a REBUILD and sending the post back to Gravitydropper or installing a new cable and housing. Instructions can be found in the maintenance section.

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