Adjustable Height Seatposts

Gravity Dropper Turbo LP

Lower profile unit for clean cable routing Upgraded to 2024 aluminum 900% increase in strength New flexible housing for better cable routing Same reliable mechanical design 45 grams lighter than the GravityDropper Classic Unit now bolted to post instead of bonded ... Read More

GravityDropper Classic

The GravityDropper allows you to go faster. This applies to both descending and climbing. The extra control you gain while descending can be translated into speed. The classic has a proven reliable track record making it an excellent choice. Why Lower? Want to descend faster and ... Read More

Descender Post

The GravityDropper Descender is designed for the minimalist. Although most people choose to operate from the handlebar, there are those that dont want this option. The Descender is convertable into a Turbo (with puchase of hardware). Why Lower? Want to descend faster and with ... Read More

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