Lubrication and cleaning is recommended if post getting sticky Up/Down

  1. With post in the up position, lift lower portion of rubber boot and loosen top cap (Item #52)
  2. Press switch (and hold) gently pull out inner post. (Caution) Do not remove the pin (#288 while the inside tube is removed as this is under pressure)
  3. Thoroughly clean and re-lube. Use a light lithium grease.
  4. Press and hold thumb switch, insert inner tube and tighten cap (we suggest placing a small amount of silicone or lock tight on top cap before adjusting to proper tension). The top cap is key to proper post function. If top cap (item#52) is too tight, the pin will not release. If top cap (item#52) is too loose, there will be play in the top of post and the post may not engage in the down position.

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