Installing new shims (item #42)

  1. Read instructions all the way thru, you must perform all steps for the seatpost to function correctly. Note: It is recommended that you watch the video.
  2. Remove old shims using pliers. Grab bottom and leverage up
  3. If you are installing a multi-position post, remove portion of the top.
  4. Use a hammer to hammer the new shims into place. Make sure positioned right and start at he bottom. (The groove should be facing up).
  5. Use a hole punch to fit the top part of the shim so flush and the bushing slides over easy.
  6. Use a razorblade or exacta-knife to take off any excess plastic on the 2 sides.
  7. Put a small amount of grease (lithium works fine) on the shim and insert into the seapost. ** note for Gravitydropper, you will have to press the switch (and hold).
  8. Slide the seatpost up and down. It might still be tight. If so, be careful not to do too much but go to step 5 again. (Keep taking a little bit until the post slides pretty freely) * not too much or you will get some side to side wiggle in the seatpost when you are finished.
  9. **When the post slides up and down smoothly, Partially put on the black cap. Maybe about 5 or 6 full turns. Then while holding the switch (KEEP holding the switch) let the post slam into the up position about 4 or 5 times. This is sliding the shims you installed into the full bottom position and a very important step!!
  10. Now, how much and where the top cap is tightened controls where the hole is in the inside tube and if it matches the pin. Slowly tighten the cap until slightly tight.
  11. TEST the switch and see if it unlocks the pin and the seatpost pushes down. If it does not activate the switch, loosen the cap a little bit until the switch works. If It does, keep tightening the cap until tight, each time you test to make sure the switch is still working. If it stops working, back off the cap a little bit. A person might put a little lock tight on the threads to hold in place if cap ever comes loose.

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