Installing New Cable (Note: This should be performed by qualified mechanic) See schematic

  1. Remove thumb switch lid (item #64)
  2. Loosen the two 0/40 cable set screws in switch arm. Use a .050 hex wrench. (item #29)
  3. Remove cable from the thumb-switch
  4. Remove the two cap screws on seat post body (Item #334)
  5. Gently pull pin mechanism from post. (Caution, do not do this if your inside tube has been removed (#22) The system has a spring and is under pressure.
  6. Unscrew Knurling cap (item #408) and remove cable from pin. (you might need to hold with pliers or a vice as this is locktighted on.
  7. Cut cable housing to desired length. Do not cut the cable yet.
  8. Place Outside pin spring (#358) over pin (#288), then Spacer plate (item #412) Put the Turbo spring (#406) and then the knurling cap (#408) over the cable(#128) and insert into the pin (#288) Tighten Knurling cap (item #408) onto pin. Fit Turbo unit (item #332) over cable & replace Cap screws. (item #334) Refer to schematic as needed.
  9. Place cable housing over the cable and cut cable leaving 18 mm (.7 inches) of cable sticking out of housing.
  10. Thread cable end through switch (#24), tighten set screws (#29) and press switch arm (#82) to ensure that the cable does not slip or have any slack. Slightly bend excess end of cable up and away from edge of switch wall to prevent from hitting switch body housing)
  11. Replace thumb switch lid (item #64)

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