Gravity Dropper Seat post

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*Pushing switch when post is in the down position will cause it to rise quickly to the up position. Do not operate until the seat is installed on the Seatpost and the post installed on the bike. Always make sure nothing is in the way of post as it goes from the DOWN to the UP position. This can cause serious injury.

*Seat has strong compression spring. Do not remove bottom cap nut (item 68)

*The Turbo Gravitydropper should be installed by qualified bike mechanic

* Make sure to use the rubber boot that’s installed on your post. It is essential to keep mud and water out. When storing for extended periods, keep seat post in the up position

Mounting instructions

  1. Remove existing post from the bike. Clean and check for deformations and burrs.
  2. If your bike does not use a 27.2 size seat post. Insert proper shim.
  3. Insert Turbo seat post into bike. The post can be positioned with unit facing forward or backward. Running backwards may require a longer cable.
  4. Attach seat on the seat post
  5. Now position the seat height to desired height for your upper position and tighten seat post clamp. Make sure you inserted the post at least to the limit line on the seat post or the minimum required by your bicycle manufacturer (whichever is greater) so as not to damage post or bicycle frame.
  6. Install thumb switch on handlebar. (Make sure you ran the cable properly) If you cable is too long, see Changing Cable instructions skipping item 6 and 8
  7. Install plastic cable holders (included) to top tube and fasten the small zip ties.

Operating your seat post

Warning: Do not attempt aggressive riding until you are totally familiar with the operation and function of the seat post. Note: You will become familiar with this simple procedure quickly with practice.

To lower seat post- Push (and hold) thumb switch, un-weight seat and then sit down, (In that order) As the seat is moving down, release thumb switch; Seat is now locked in down position.

To Raise seat post- If sitting on seat, push (and hold) thumb switch, and standup. As seat rises, release thumb switch. If standing, (first make sure you are clear of seat as it will rise rapidly into up position), push thumb switch. The switch will start easy, then feel harder just before post releases rapidly into up position. Release switch lever and the seat will now be locked in up position.

Changing Cable (Note: This should be performed by qualified mechanic) See schematic

  1. Remove thumb switch lid (item #64)
  2. Loosen the two 0/40 cable set screws in switch arm. Use a .050 hex wrench. (item #29)
  3. Remove cable from the thumb-switch
  4. Remove the two cap screws on seat post body (Item #334)
  5. Gently pull pin mechanism from post. (Caution, do not do this if your inside tube has been removed (#22) The system has a spring and is under pressure.
  6. Unscrew Knurling cap (item #408) and remove cable from pin. (you might need to hold with pliers or a vice as this is locktighted on.
  7. Cut cable housing to desired length. Do not cut the cable yet.
  8. Place Outside pin spring (#358) over pin (#288), then Spacer plate (item #412) Put the Turbo spring (#406) and then the knurling cap (#408) over the cable(#128) and insert into the pin (#288) Tighten Knurling cap (item #408) onto pin. Fit Turbo unit (item #332) over cable & replace Cap screws. (item #334) Refer to schematic as needed.
  9. Place cable housing over the cable and cut cable leaving 18 mm (.7 inches) of cable sticking out of housing.
  10. Thread cable end through switch (#24), tighten set screws (#29) and press switch arm (#82) to ensure that the cable does not slip or have any slack. Slightly bend excess end of cable up and away from edge of switch wall to prevent from hitting switch body housing)
  11. Replace thumb switch lid (item #64)

Cleaning and Maintenance

Cleaning and lubrication is recommended if post getting sticky up and down.

  1. With post in the up position, lift lower portion of rubber boot and loosen top cap (Item #52)
  2. Press switch (and hold) gently pull out inner post. (Caution) Do not remove the pin (#288 while the inside tube is removed as this is under pressure)
  3. Thoroughly clean and re-lube. Use a light lithium grease.
  4. Press and hold thumb switch, insert inner tube and tighten cap (we suggest placing a small amount of lock tight on top cap before adjusting to proper tension). The top cap is key to proper post function. If top cap (item#52) is too tight, the pin will not release. If top cap (item#52) is too loose, there will be play in the top of post and the post may not engage in the down position.

Complete Overhaul

  1. Remove seat post from bicycle
  2. To change cable/housing refer to directions above.
  3. Remove bottom cap nut (item #68) seat post (Warning: Seat post has a spring inside and is under pressure, keep face away and remove cap slowly) Also, Do not remove pin (#288 while the inside tube is removed (#22) unless the spring has been removed in
  4. Clean dirt and re-assemble. Refer to schematic as needed. (Shim kits & replacement parts are available from manufacturer.)
  5. If pin (item #88) is removed and cleaned, use SMALL amount of lube before replacing.
  6. Re-assemble and install on bike

Trouble Shooting(The Seatpost is mechanical, this usually makes it quiet easy to fix any problems or issues you might be having)Please call us at 406-883-3555 or e-mail us at [email protected].)

Seatpost won’t engage in the just the up position OR wont stay locked in the up position

  1. Determine if the post is just sticking. (not coming all the way up) or if it is not engaging. If it is sticking, see Sticking post below;
  2. If it is not engaging, then lift up the bottom portion of the protective boot and loosen item (#53) ½ turn. Now try the switch and see if it will engage. REPEAT until you feel a small amount of play up and down in the post. (push down on the saddle, and up pull up to feel for play) Once you feel play up and down, Loosening the cap doesn’t do any good.
  3. Call customer service

Seatpost won’t engage in just the down position

  1. If the post was functioning properly, and is engaging properly in the up position. Your protective boot has probably been dislodged from the upper ridge (#58)

Seatpost won’t engage in UP or Down position

  1. You pin is not engaging in holes(#102) properly, try removing cap screws for Turbo(#334) and then pin (#228) to see if sticky
  2. You cable and cable housing could be sticky from age or being kinked. Install a new cable
  3. Call for customer service

Post Sticky when moved up and down

  1. Make sure you didn’t over tighten your seat clamp
  2. See cleaning and maintenance
  3. Increase pressure by turning clockwise bottom cap nut (On bottom of seatpost, Item #68) Note: if you increase too much, the post wont be able to engage in the down position.

Cable is not the right length

Refer to changing cable directions above. If cable is too long, remove switch arm &
Shorten cable to desired length. If cable is too short replace cable.

For other questions, e-mail [email protected] or call 406-883-3555

Replacement Parts/ Warranty

Replacement parts are available from us at Gravitydropper or your local bike shop.

The GravityDropper Turbo has a 6 month limited warranty against component defects. Components that have been damaged or neglected by the purchaser are not covered under warranty. Prior authorization is required prior to returning for warranty replacement. Shipping and handling charges are not covered by the warranty.

Refer to assembly drawing for component description