GravityDropper Classic Seat post

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*Seat has strong compression spring. Do not actuate post until installed on bike.

*Magnetic Warning- No person with pacemaker should come in close contact. Computer disks, credit cards or any other items affected by magnetic fields will be damaged if they come in contact with the post.

*GravityDropper should be installed by qualified bike mechanic

* Make sure to use the enclosed rubber boot to keep mud and water out. When storing for extended periods, keep seat post in the up position

Mounting instructions

  1. Remove existing post from the bike. Clean and check for deformations and burrs.
  2. If your bike does not use a 27.2 size seat post. Insert proper shim.
  3. Insert GravityDropper post into bike. The post can be positioned with unit facing forward or backward.
  4. Install seat on the post
  5. Now position the seat height to desired height for your upper position and tighten seatpost clamp.
    Make sure you inserted the post at least 3 inches into the seat tube on your bicycle so as not to damage post or bicycle frame.
  6. Install thumb switch on handlebar. (Make sure you ran the cable properly)
  7. Install plastic cable holders (included) to top tube and fasten the small zip ties.
  8. To get the seatpost to compress, You must press the switch first (and hold) THEN push down on the seat (In that order)

Note: If cable housing is too long, remove cable from thumb switch and see (Item 12) (Under Changing Cable instructions)

If cable housing is too short, see Changing Cable instructions

Operating your seat post

Warning: Do not attempt aggressive riding until you are totally familiar with the operation and function of the seat post. Note: You will become familiar with this simple procedure quickly with practice.

To lower seat post- Push (and hold) thumb switch, unweight seat and then sit down. As seat is moving down, release thumb switch. Seat is now locked in down position.

To Raise seat post- If sitting on seat, push (and hold) thumb switch, and standup. As seat rises, release thumb switch. If standing, push (and hold) thumb switch, tap seat with the buttocks and release thumb switch. Seat will now be locked in up position.

Changing Cable (Note: This should be performed by qualified mechanic)

  1. Remove thumb switch lid (Item 64)
  2. Loosen the two 0/40 cable set screws in switch arm. Use a .050 hex wrench. (Item 29)
  3. Remove cable from the thumb-switch
  4. Remove the two cap screws on seat post body and remove lid. (Item 134 and 132)
  5. Remove the old cable from the mag bar (Item 140). There should be a slot to slide the cable out. Note: Pre- 2008 posts require you to remove lower magnet from mag-bar to remove cable. New mag bars with the cable slot can be ordered from the manufacturer. This makes cable changes much easier.
  6. Install new cable
  7. Fasten lid (Item 132)
  8. Cut cable housing to desired length and install over cable.
  9. Cut cable leaving ½ inch exposed and install into thumb switch and arm
  10. Tighten set screws and check for proper operation (Item 29)
  11. Install thumb switch lid

Cleaning and Maintenance

Periodic cleaning and lubrication is recommended.

  1. With post in the up position, lift lower portion of rubber boot and remove top cap (Item 52)
  2. Press switch (and hold) gently pull out inner post
  3. Thoroughly clean and re-lube. Use a light lithium grease
  4. press thumb switch (and hold) reinstall inner tube and tighten cap

Complete Overhaul

  1. Remove seat post from bicycle
  2. Remove bottom cap nut of seat post (Warning: Seat post has a spring inside and is under pressure, keep face away and remove cap slowly)
  3. Clean dirt and replace any internal parts as needed. Kits are available from manufacturer.
  4. Re-assemble and install on bike

Trouble Shooting

Post will not engage or disengage in Upper position or falls from upper position when riding.

  1. Lift bottom of Rubber Boot to reveal top cap (Item 52), Loosen ½ turn. This cap must be in the right place. It is not necessarily a matter of is it tight or not. If the cap is too loose, you will have quite a bit of slop up and down when you push down on your seat.

Post will not engage in Lower position

  1. Make sure Upper portion of rubber boot is located in the slot or groove just below the seat rails.

Post will not engage in the up AND down position or is has problems disengaging from BOTH positions

  1. Something is causing your pin not to work properly.
  2. Make sure you don’t have cable slack caused from cable stretch in the thumb switch.
  3. While in the UP position, remove black lid from seatpost to see if pin (item 88) has dirt on it. To remove pin, push switch part way and pull top of mag bar (item 140) back.

Post Sticky when moved up and down

  1. See cleaning and maintenance
  2. Make sure you didn’t overtighten your seat clamp that holds your seatpost in your bike.
  3. Increase pressure of bottom cap nut by turning clockwise (On bottom of seapost, Item 68)

Thumb switch not returning all the way.

  1. Your cable is sticking for some reason. You could have dirt built up or kinked the cable. You can try to increase the tension set screws (item 156). Located on bottom of unit attached to the post.
  2. Otherwise replace the cable.

For other questions, e-mail [email protected] or call 406-883-3555

Replacement Parts/ Warranty

Replacement parts are available from the factory or local bike shop.

GravityDropper has a 6 month limited warranty against component defects. Components that have been damaged or neglected by the purchaser are not covered under warranty. Prior authorization is required prior to returning for warranty replacement. Shipping and handling charges are not covered by the warranty.

Refer to assembly drawing for component description