Descender Post

descenderpost The GravityDropper Descender is designed for the minimalist. Although most people choose to operate from the handlebar, there are those that dont want this option. The Descender is convertable into a Turbo (with puchase of hardware).

Why Lower?

  • Want to descend faster and with more control? Lower your seat. You will feel an immediate change in the way your bike handles.
  • Lowering your center of gravity (GravityDropper™) means better balance, more control,
    and more confidence, which gives you the ability to go faster !!
  • Ride sections you have only walked before!
  • Maintain speed in sections you’ve had to back off a little before!
  • Extra safety on downhill and technical sections!!

Why Raise?

  • Most efficient position for climbing and level terrain.
  • To deliver maximum power to the pedals, you must have your seat in a raised position. Many bikers compromise their seat height for more technical riding. With Descenderpost, there is no compromise. Seat High for power and climbing. Seat low for descending.

How It Works?

  • Reach down and pull the knob located on the front of the post and sit down. Your seat will lock in the lower position. To raise, while sitting, pull the knob and sit up.
  • The Descender Post design is mechanical. There are no seals to blow and no oil to leak.
  • With Gravitydropper Descender, it takes a fraction of a second to raise or lower your seat.


  • The Descender is also made in the USA from CNC’d 7075 T-6 aircraft aluminum. This high grade aluminum allows for strong lightweight units.
  • Weight. The whole seat post, including all hardware is approx 365 grams.
  • Sizes available- 26.8, 27.0 and 27.2 Shims available for larger Posts including 28.6 , 29.2, 29.8, 30, 30.2, 30.4, 30.8, 30.9, 31.6, 31.8, and 34.9
  • Standard Length is 350 mm. Shorter lengths of 275, 300 and 325 mm as well as longer lengths of 375 and 400mm are available.
  • In addition to standard 3inch drop, 2inch and 4 inch are now available. Each available in multi-position, UP, Down 1 inch, and Fully down.
  • Minimum exposed post. You would need to have 7 1/4 of exposed post in your up position to run a 4 inch drop post. 6 1/4 to run a 3 inch drop and 5 1/4 to run a 2 inch drop. You can put your existing post in your normal UP position and measure from where the post goes into the bike to the seat rails.


  • Improve your technical skills immediately!
  • You can get back behind the seat!
  • Descend faster and with more control.
  • Lowers your center of gravity.
  • Increase stability and balance.
  • Excellent for ledges, loose turns, technical downhills, and fast descents.
  • Great for tight single track.
  • Reduce number of crashes
  • Faster climbing and flat terrain.
  • Start out easier on steep climbs.
  • Get on your bike easier on steep descents.


  • MSRP is $250

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