XC Riders and Racers

The GravityDropper is especially important for a XC rider or racer. A typical XC bike has a longer stem which positions the handlebar further forward than a free-ride or downhill bike. This makes lowering your center of gravity and being able to get your weight down and back even more important for better handling in technical situations (speed and safety). XC riders also ride with their seats typically higher than a free-rider or downhiller. This is done because a higher seat position allows for nice round pedal strokes needed for sustained, power to the pedals. Many XC riders still ride with their seat too low. They do this so they can have a balance between climbing and descending and thus compromise both the climb and descent. A XC rider using GravityDropper may be able to raise their seat to their optimal height for “climbing” because the GravityDropper allows them to lower for descending. Also, many XC riders refuse to lower their seat because they don’t want to lose their current seat height position. The GravityDropper offers them the ability to bring it back to the exact same “up” seat height position