Reliable proven design since 2003

Gravitydropper was born and introduced in 2003 at Interbike. There was a lot of talk about the Hite rite in the early 90’s but Gravitydropper has revolutionized the adujustable height seatpost. Check out and compare. Others are now out there like Nonstop at, Maverick Speedball vs Gravitydropper, Fezzari drop in adjustable seatpost vs Gravity Dropper, CrankBrothers Joplin vs Gravitydropper adjustable seatpost, KS Kind shock cobra vs Gravity Dropper adjustable seat post, Specialized command post vs Gravitydropper On the fly adjustment via handlebar mounted lever, Precision cycling components All Mountain post vs Gravitydropper adjust your seat height, Rase Black Mamba vs Gravitydropper rapid adjust seatpost at We used to be the only ones. Our sales have really grown since we have had competitors. Our simple proven design provides a reliable adjustable height seat post. Do a review yourself and compare.

The Rock Shox Reverb, Crank Brothers Joplin and Crank Brothers Kronolog, Fox DOSS or D.O.S.S., and the Kind Shock Lev are all products that are new to the market compared to GravityDropper Seatposts. In side by side comparisons – Rock Shox vs GravityDropper, Crank Brothers vs GravityDropper, Fox vs GravityDropper, Kind Shock vs GravityDropper, Specialized vs GravityDropper, and Giant vs GravityDropper – simple, tested, and reliable mechanical design (plus our #1 rated customer service) means that our customers spend more time on the trail, and less time worrying about their seatposts.